From the Heart…

On my previous post, I talked about photography, namely, the skills of one James Hord, who in my opinion, is probably one of the more talented photographers in the Brownsville, TX area. Many of you read my post and contacted me personally via email to discuss this opinion that I have on Mr. Hord. And rather than replying individually to each of you, I'd rather just put my opinions here for all to view.

I've been to various functions that utilize photographers and I've been fortunate enough to have met many of these popular photographers in Brownsville, TX , however, after looking at many of the event photographs that were taken, my wife and I can plainly see that many of these so-called "photographers" do this on a part-time perspective, which is all good. After all, I myself, like many others, do side projects with the purpose of driving in a little extra income on the side. Now what I do on the side is really no one's business but my belief is that if you ARE going to provide a service and want to get paid for it, then do it with the intention of delivering the highest level of quality possible!

How many of these photographers can say that they truly have a passion or the "heart" for photography? Not many! And unfortunately it shows in their work.

Why is James Hord different?

Well let's begin with the fact that after "interviewing" him at my last meeting with him, I found that he really does this type of professional photography "full time" and not on the side as many others do. Full time you ask? Yes, he actually provides for his family by utilizing his photography skills and i all honesty, when you meet and speak with him, you can tell in his words and see the passion in his eyes that he truly does have a special place in his heart for photography.

Now I'm sure you're saying to yourself "that doesn't prove much" but how many other photographers are sought after by companies willing to pay for him/her to do their headshots for company Presidents, VPs, CEOs, Doctors, get the point. At this point in time, he has literally stopped taking appointments for your traditional weddings and stuff and has turned his dedication to photography for business professionals... how cool is that!

In closing, I just have to say to all those who sent me those emails, that if you want to see true art at its best when it comes to photography, check out James Hord first before you comment anything else.