I didn’t know…

I really wasn’t aware until recently how competitive Brownsville photographers have come to be. I guess that it is so for any industry or market, but i was just simply amazed at the lengths many of the local photographers would go to beat out their competition.

It seems that most self-employed people will generally talk down about their competitors no matter how big or small that competitor generally is and in truth, I fully understand as if I were in their shoes, I would most likely do the same. Still, the more I look at it from an outsider’s perspective, there are other ways to gain a new client rather than talking down on your competitors.

Case in point, another business function I attended recently brought in small business owners from all industries and walks of life. I actually made friends with a few of them and exchanged emails, but like at many events, you will run into those people who are just full of negativity and try their best to make others look bad. I’ve been touching on the topic of photography in my last posts and will continue the topic here as I found it so amusing for the owner of supposedly a very prestigious photography studio to be so rudely speaking bad about his competitors instead of telling these potential clients (including me) why his photographer studio stands above the rest.

When he was finally finished with his “bashing” of his competitors, I asked him directly “What makes your studio better than that of your competitors?”. Basically, in a nutshell, he pretty much described his operation in a way that pretty much equalizes what his competitors do, so he really didn’t make himself stand out above the rest, go figure!

It surprises me each time I meet people like this and I realize why it is they tend to struggle more than the others. And to my surprise, as the business meeting went on, I got to meet other business owners who were obviously very successful in their respective markets and you know what, neither one of those successful business owners spoke bad or bashed any of their competitors. In fact, they gave credit to their competitors for their success today. In their opinion, it was the fact that their competitors spoke to badly about them that drew potential clients to them. After all, if someone it badmouthing another but yet, that “other” is doing very well, it makes one curious as to why they are still successful. In the end, the company or business that gives the customer the treatment and satisfaction that they are looking for, that business will almost always win that client.

So as you can see, it doesn’t pay to “bash” another company, business, or person; instead, look at yourself and show people the best part of you in every manner.