Carpets and Photography

General photography has had it’s place in business for many years and for many years to come. It has come to the point where it is not only about the person anymore, but about taking the right shot at the right angle and at the right moment to capture the image of the overall business. That’s when I thought I saw it all.

The Brownsville carpet cleaning business is a fierce one at that with businesses trying their best to win over every client with a price war. But one company took a different approach to winning business. Rather than posting on sites like Craigslist, or Angie’s List, Brownsville Carpet Cleaners decided to move along the lines of capturing their audience with a well informed website and most importantly, top quality images to enhance their style. These images were taken by local photographer, James Hord, and utilized in such a way that it really reflects upon the business as a top quality carpet cleaning business. After spending a few minutes speaking with the owner of the carpet cleaners, I realized that he was tired of engaging in a price war that resulted in people looking for the cheapest price and disregarding the true value of a competent business.

In fact, since moving away from such websites, as I previously mentioned, he says that business has improved and they’ve become more profitable than before. He believes that rather than scraping for work at the bottom of the barrel, he now prefers and attracts clients who use him for the skills he possesses and that of his employees as well. Combining that with great reviews from social media and a budgeted online paid ad campaign, business just couldn’t be better.

So by the looks of it, cheaper isn’t always better, at least that’s the way I see it and I would much prefer to pay a higher price for someone who is not here today and gone tomorrow, but rather, here today and tomorrow, and the day after that. There have been too many instances of people getting “screwed” by fly by night “business owners” who have no real clue of what they’re doing, they just see it as a way to make quick cash.

You can bet that you will always receive the highest level of professionalism from the folks at Brownsville Carpet Cleaners and they guarantee their work. They may not be the cheapest in town but talk to any one of their clients and you will see that they are well worth every penny. They do a variety of cleaning services such as upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, and even focus on cleaning for allergy relief, how great is that!

So the next time your residential or commercial carpet needs a good cleaning or you just want relief from those allergens trapped in your home, call the experts at Brownsville carpet cleaners.