Shipping First Class or Coach?

Have you ever wondered what the process is when transporting your goods or services? Particularly speaking, women’s high end purses from Coach? There are many ways manufacturers get this down and there are freight forwarders in Brownsville Tx that specialize in handling these types of high end shipments especially when transporting across the border into Mexico.

Many of these forwarding companies run logistics to ensure the best way of transporting your goods in the most efficient and safest way possible. With so many violent instances happing across the border, it’s critical to make sure your shipment is in good hands and at all times. Your forwarding company of choice must make the right decision to either ship your freight by truck, ship, or by air utilizing special transport planes. It also helps if your forwarding company has specialized contacts in the region you are shipping to. 

Another important aspect of shipping into a foreign country is your forwarders contacts or shipping points. You must ask yourself, are they well connected at your destination and did they provide the right level of storage and security for your shipment. Many of the forwarders you begin to work with provide storage services for your shipment and depending if your freight is fragile or not, needs refrigeration or not, your forwarder will definitely or must definitely meet and suit your needs. If you run into a forwarder that works more as a broker, then I would recommend you simply skip them and search for one that actually provides warehousing as you don’t want too many hands fixating on your shipment.

Your freight forwarder must also maintain constant contact with you, in my opinion, giving you regular updates on the progress of your shipment and who exactly is handling your items. They must also take charge in taking your shipment to market if that’s what your needs are. Too many times I’ve heard of freight reaching it’s destination and just sitting in a warehouse as no real destination plans were made. So if your products need to go to market and you are relying on your forwarder to provide plans to get your shipment to your vendors, then make sure that’s disclosed and discussed at your initial interview with your shipper.

Depending on where you are shipping to, you don’t always have to use the suggested method of transportation your forwarder recommends. If you feel you’ve had a much better experience utilizing transportation by truck versus by air or sea, then do so. Generally speaking, the only time that you are limited by transportation means is when you are literally shipping overseas so your overall options are limited. Even so, transportation through the continent can also be done by air or sea but it really depends on your needs and how fast you really need to get your shipment to where it needs to be. If you are on a tight deadline, then definitely air would be the way to go but a fair warning, be prepared to pay more upfront costs for air delivery. Most companies and manufacturers prefer shipping by truck but after speaking with some local business owners, that type of delivery can take longer because of all the checkpoints and the fact that many drivers work alone and are only allowed a certain number of daily driving hours per state, so delays are generally obvious.

All in all, due your due diligence when making a shipping decision because the wrong decision can not only cost you money, but it can also cost you your product in the end, so choose wisely.