After the Storm

Recently, Texas has been the victim of many severe and countless storms going back as far a 2 months. Flooding has been a big problem in many areas particularly on the east side of the state. Other portions of the state have seen heavy rain and many instances of damaging wind along with some hail and even areas that have had tornados touch down, too.

The southern part of the state of Texas has been frequently hit with the ‘storms” almost on a weekly basis. The area most recently hit and seeing much damage is the Rio Grande Valley that stretches from Mission all the way down to the tip of Texas, also known as Brownsville, Tx.

These damaging winds and hail have caused many homeowners to examine and review the conditions of their roofs. And in some cases, roof repair or replacement has been needed. So now homeowners are in search of the best roofers in brownsville tx to help meet those needs.

But before you go on and select the first person on the list, make sure you do your due diligence first. Make sure you get at least 3 different proposals and check the credentials with the state of Texas as contractors, regardless of the what type, have to be registered.

I know it seems a bit harsh to take those necessary steps especially when your roof has been recently damaged. But, if you don’t want to lose your hard earned money or money received from your insurance, then due diligence is necessary.

It has been far too many times that people have been swindled by Brownsville roofers claiming to be legitimate especially in the time of need. Just watch the local news and you’ll be surprised to see that it happens more often than not even during non-critical times.

Aside from price, make sure that your newly hired roofer uses quality materials and tools. Insist on this and don’t allow them to talk you into saving money by using lower quality materials.

Your roofing shingles should be warrantied for at least 25-30 years, no less. This is necessary as with the south Texas sun, cheap shingles can wear out in 10 years or less. Saving money is important to all of us but if you repair your roof with low quality materials, expect to replace it again in a few years. By that time, the money spent will most likely have equaled what you would have spent the first time by using the best products on the market. Go figure!

So for those of you reading this post, if you happen to live in the area that has been recently affected by these storms, take the necessary steps to avoid getting swindled by someone claiming to do roofing jobs. The internet is a great place to find information but many times, this information can be misleading.

By doing some quick research, I found a roofer who not only had good reviews but is local, and uses nothing but the best quality materials and their have an awesome youtube video which is posted below this paragraph. Good luck!